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Hello, my name is Priscilla Monroe and I am the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, with the first pregnancy I gained 50 pounds. I was on bedrest from 19 weeks until the delivery of my first daughter on April 11, 2006 I was 37 years old upon her healthy delivery. I was able to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight before getting pregnant for the second time at 39 years old, however with this pregnancy and again on bedrest from 24 weeks until the delivery of this second pregnancy May 11, 2008, I gained approximately 75 pounds I stopped weighing myself.

I gave myself a good amount of time before I decided to go hardcore and attempt to lose the weight. I started first by downsizing my portion sizes, then I started walking and slowly running again, during this time I did not eat any sweets, no bread, and would only drink 4oz of orange juice in the morning and for the remainder of the day drink water. I consumed a very clean plan eating fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and no fried foods.

I am proud to say that after weighing over 211 plus pounds in 2008 that I have kept the weight off and my current weight is 135 pounds. I am biking, running, and walking for exercise and have now run (2) 5k races and will do an 8k in September and have started an exercise group that meets every Sat 5:30 am.

So no matter where you are with your weight challenge I am here to say that “You can do it” and having friends along will make the journey even smoother so please invite folks to join you. With discipline and a schedule, you can do it also!

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